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A well-documented Regiment

Within the last 30 years, a number of excellent books, as well as numerous journal and magazine articles, have been published which deal with the 22nd and its history.

Aside from Vanishing Footprints, recent books of note about the regiment and its soldiers are:

From Vicksburg to Cedar Creek: the 22nd Iowa Infantry in the Civil War 
(2014, Camp Pope Publishing)
Historian Thomas McKenna has produced a modern regimental history, deftly summarizing the 22nd's service and struggles.

Southern Sons, Northern Soldiers: The Civil War Letters of the Remley Brothers, 

22nd Iowa Infantry
(2004, Northern Illinois University Press;
edited by Julie Holcomb).  
This is a first-rate collection of letters from two stalwart brothers, born in Virginia but loyal unto death to their country and to their adopted home state of Iowa.

Dear Catherine, Dear Taylor: The Civil War Letters of a Union Soldier and His Wife
(2002, University Press of Kansas; edited by Richard L. Kiper from letters transcribed by Donna B. Vaughn)
Again, a collection of literate and engaging letters, these between a loving Iowa couple.  Samuel Pryce, author of "Vanishing Footprints," considered his friend and comrade Taylor Peirce "one of the best soldiers in the service."  

Reminiscenses of the 22nd Iowa Infantry: Giving Its Organization, Marches, Skirmishes, Battles and Sieges, as Taken from the Diary of Lieutenant S.C. Jones of Co. A
(1907; 1992 reprint by the Press of the Camp Pope Bookshop )
  Spotty in its coverage of events (like a diary would be), Reminiscences is an above-average collection of thoughts, impressions and unit history from the pen of a literate corporal-turned-officer.

More resources


The "Iowa in the Civil War" Facebook page contains material about the 22nd and all Iowa Civil war units, as well as homefront history and news of current day events and programs.



In 1907, The State of Iowa published the Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion, which contains certain basic information on all the men who served in the 22nd (and all other Iowa units).  

You can find the Roster and Record transcribed online at the excellent "Iowa in the Civil War" website:


(Photo: rear portico and steps of the old State Capitol, Iowa City, where the 22nd took reunion photos)


Findagrave.com allows contributors to create memorials for individuals on the site, with photos and text. More than 700 memorials for 22nd Iowa soldiers have been aggregated in a Findagrave "virtual cemetery," which can be accessed at:


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